Our Testimonials

I have been using Kevin Nitta's Tax and Bookkeeping services for 15-plus years. As a small business owner with multiple side hustles, tracking and categorizing business and personal tax expenses plus filing an accurate Tax Return is a must. The service Kevin's team offers is excellent. It's important to remember that it's best to file with fully detailed documents that are ready and aligned with the changing tax codes and not in a rush to make the April deadlines to avoid amendments and other costly errors. Kevin is detail oriented and carefully files my tax documents error-free and in alignment with current codes so that I don't need to do amendments. I enter tax season stress-free every year, knowing all my accounts have been well managed and any available tax deduction is accounted for in the proper expense categories. I have also referred Kevin to several friends, family, and Clients, and all have had a great experience. I will continue using Kevin's services and am confident in sending my clients to Kevin's office.
Clair D.

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Whether you own your own business and need monthly accounting assistance or are an employee of a company and just need assistance preparing you income tax returns, we are confident we can help you.