Best Places to Visit in Honolulu, HI

Hawaii is one of the world’s preeminent tourist destinations thanks to its cloudless skies, white dunes, and pink umbrella drinks. Nearly 10 million tourists visit Hawaii annually, most of whom travel to the capital city of Honolulu. Honolulu boasts of its sun-drenched beaches and high-rise resorts. While this impression is correct, the city offers more than shiny tourist destinations. It has a rich heritage and traditions and some genuinely breathtaking sites. You cannot find them anywhere on earth!

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Manoa is primarily a residential community in a green valley with hiking trails, such as the steep rainforest trail to Manoa Falls. It is also home to the Lyon Arboretum, with various coconut palms and beautiful bromeliad vegetation. Visit the Manoa Heritage Center and tour the area to get a sense of the original landscape. Manoa Marketplace is a two-day weekly market where you can buy tropical fruits and handicrafts. It is also ideal for buying souvenirs. Manoa is also home to the main campus of the University of Hawaii.


Kahala is one of Oahu’s most affluent communities and is home to some of the island’s wealthiest residents, but it has much more to offer its residents than affordable housing. Kahala is located south of the island and offers excellent swimming, often in calm waters. It also has a large shopping center and formal and casual cafes. At the same time, Kahala is home to Oahu’s largest spa. In addition, Kahala being a sunny region with mild breezes makes it a worthwhile destination to explore. Fortunately for travelers, Kahala is on the route from Honolulu to the eastern part of the beautiful island.


Kaimuki is located on the slope of Diamond Head. The Kaimuki community has seen many changes in its more than 100 years of existence. Today, the neighborhood is a relaxed boulevard surrounded by impressive historic buildings atop Maunalani Heights. Kaimuki’s main street, Waialae Street, is lined with specialty boutiques, specialty stores, and unique cafes. So park in one of the neighborhood’s two metered parking lots, or see if you can find one of the rare street parking spots and explore this charming Oahu hideaway.


Palolo refers to a river, residential neighborhood, and valley in Honolulu, Hawaii. The neighborhood is located approximately four miles east, inland from downtown Honolulu, and less than one mile from Diamond Head. Palolo, similar to several other communities in Hawaii, consists of an entire valley. The area’s hillside is lush with agricultural activities, while the ocean side end, approximately at Waialae Avenue, is heavily populated, primarily with single-family housing developments.

The southern Palolo area is now indistinguishable from nearby Kaimuki. It thrives with restaurants and other stores flanking busy Waialae Boulevard and densely packed blocks of houses immediately north of the street. Deep in the valley, against Koolau Mountain’s backdrop, roosters crow at all hours of the day and night, and the waters of the Palolo river flow. It’s almost always a wet day in Palolo.

Ālewa Heights

Alewa Height is one of Honolulu’s oldest neighborhoods overlooking the Oahu Country Club, Nuuanu Valley, Kalihi Valley, and downtown Honolulu. It is notable for its diversity, with more people of Portuguese and Asian descent living here than in virtually any other area of the country. The area is known for its clean, minimalist, spacious mid-century contemporary Hawaiian-style homes. The area is also coveted for its breathtaking 360-degree views of Honolulu Harbor and the brilliant blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, which stretch from Pearl Harbor to Diamond Head in the south and the green hills in the northeast.

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